Prudential Lighting

LA-made. Nationally admired. Since 1955.

Rock-solid heritage. New product heroics.

Even with 65-plus years of industry-leading expertise, Prudential Ltg. is looking everywhere but back. We’ve fully embraced the LED frenzy with an onslaught of beautifully designed, remarkably controlled and amazingly efficient luminaires, all thoughtfully engineered and meticulously manufactured right here in Los Angeles.

As for integrity, let’s just say if they paired us up in a trust fall exercise, we’d catch you. No questions asked. Innovation? We’ll let our long list of recent awards speak for itself. A family-run company, we remain true to our core values, wholeheartedly committed to advancing and transforming the illumination experience.

In this era of mind-numbing industry-wide change, we hold fast to a few key things.

INTEGRITY: Call it transparency, honesty, decency or whatever you like. We solemnly do swear to no shenanigans. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

INNOVATION: We’re wholeheartedly committed to ingenuity and efficiency. Proof? Advancements like our precision-engineered, physics-driven PruOptics, plus an enviable list of IES and PIA awards.

DESIGN: They say beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, but in this case we’re pretty sure all beholders would agree. We’ve got some great-looking designs out there, and more in the works.

SERVICE: Collaboration is ingrained in our culture, and no matter what kind of modifications you’re after, we’ll make it happen. What can we say? We’re pleasers.