With Portal, Fluxwerx pushed past conventional downlights and cylinders in our drive to give designers new and differentiated aesthetic options with innovative optics that maximize visual comfort. Hyphen is another breakthrough family of discrete recessed and surface mount products that similarly delivers on all levels.

— Reuben Bartlett, President, Fluxwerx Illumination

Hyphen carries on the small-scale aesthetics and ultra-narrow optics of Fluxwerx Portal and Lines luminaire families. Embodied in discrete 10″ or 20″ forms with an ultra-narrow, linear aesthetic, Hyphen delineates a dashed path. Available in recessed and surface, and fixed and adjustable versions, Hyphen transcends traditional general area illumination and downlighting with its unique options and exceptional visual comfort.

A divergent and diminutive suspended system for the inspired. An optimal balance of diminutive design and performance, without compromise. Minimalist and minuscule at only 3” high and less than a finger-width wide, Line gives you unprecedented design flexibility.

Configurable into endless shapes and patterns, Line lets you tell your own story. Use it as part of a complex layout, or as a discrete element in short or longer runs with spacing up to 10 ft o.c.